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in medical/therapeutic/educational services

This is a course specifically designed for professionals who are in medical, therapeutic or educational servies and are willing to contribute the effort for their own wellbeing.


Through the principal of Qi Gong and Dhamma, students will develop the understanding of energy and learn how to give efficient and effective services while protecting and nourishing themselves.


The Qi Gong exercises will provide students a method to develop their energy center, Tan Tien, and to cultivate a higher and stronger Qi quality. Students will then apply this essence to explore the relations of physical and mental alignment in both giver and receiver. 

This program suggests a tangible and physiological way to regain the balance and understand this important essence as someone who serves for the world. Their services will be supported by this in-depth study of the law of Qi and law of “Dana”, a Pali word of describing the act of giving. 


The group is kept small to allow learning among each other and personalised guidance for every student. Each session is an intensive 3 hours with lectures, practices, and Q&A. 





  • Personal Qi Gong program -how to address individual conditions toward profound balance in their physical and mental body

  • Development of “Tan Tien” body center and inner strength for effective & efficient treatments and services

  • Basic understanding of protection of their own balance for sustainable treatments and services

  • Practice-based experience and discovery of their fundamental wisdom

  • Application of Yin and Yang five element theory

  • Integration of Buddhism and Taoism philosophy in daily life while diagnosing their personal patterns and conditions

  • Application of Buddhism principal of Dana, the act of giving and serving


Every Tuesday 14:30-17:30

*during the school calendar and outside of our retreat schedule

Comprehension 20 sessions

Please do not hesitate to contact Sachie directly to find out more and see if this program fits your current needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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