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Transform your pain and suffering

into growth and wisdom.

School of TQH system 
It is an education center for holistic wellness using the TQH system, a method developed in Thailand which integrates the ancient wisdom of medicine "Qi Gong" and locally inherited Buddhist values "Dhamma." 


In-depth study of Qi


Situated in Bretagne, France, the school offers in-depth studies of energy “Qi” using our current personal conditions as the study materials. Each student is guided towards personal development and how to improve their physical, mental and spiritual conditions with clear and tangible instructions. 


European branch of Thai Qi Holistics


Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Thai Qi Holistics is the principal international center of the TQH system. In affiliation with this center, we offer instructor retreats for TQH trainees worldwide and various public courses in Europe and Japan. 

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Founder of the School
and senior instructor/ co-founder of Thai Qi Holistics


Since 2011, Sachie has been intensively studying and working with the founder of the TQH system, Doctor Ajarn Toh, while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Accompanied by her background as a Thai massage therapist, She has developed a deep understanding of the principles of this Qi gong in connection with the living Buddhist teachings.


This allows her to clearly present the method, while adding her compassionate guidance, thus making the learning procedure smoother for students. 

Courses and Retreats 


TQH instructor training retreats


Private retreats


Online private sessions

Workshops 'near where you are'

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Regular TQH course


TQH courses for a giver

Private sessions


TQH course by Ajarn Toh in France

Retreats in Bretagne, France


Sessions in Yokohama-Shonan area, Japan

Online group sessions


Online private sessions

Ajarn Toh online Dhamma courses


Ajarn Toh workshops in Japan

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Thai Qi Holistics Education and Rehabilitation Center 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Thai Qi Holistics is an education and rehabilitation center established in Chiang Mai, Thailand, opening their services locally and internationally. It is a principal center of the TQH system and trains instructors worldwide.


Their various activities include regular courses and treatments, instructor programs, installation of the TQH system in local schools, senior programs and local support in an alternative hospital for paralyzed patients.

The principal facilitator, Ajarn Toh, is a recognized mentor for patients and students in cultivating a higher awareness of self. A highly esteemed doctor among the Thai Buddhist community, he has created the TQH system, integrating ancient wisdom of medicine and locally inherited Buddhist teachings for a more dynamic and holistic approach.

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